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  • Jan 25
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This is my second week using it. I have 2 annoying skin tags on my face...they are so irritating that sometimes i cheat and use it more than 3x a day. I see a difference..they are drying up and starting to peel ..i believe by my 5th week they will be gone..i guess different strokes for different folks.. It works well for me

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  • Jun 10, 2015
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I used this product a month ago I broke out I thought itvwoukd just go away it didn't I have 2 horrible spots on neckbthat are red swollen and very painful and I can't get in touch with anyone

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I bought this product after seeing a commercial. The product indicates a 3-6 week use process, but the warranty is for only 30 days. Not too mention that fact that the product has a truly awful smell and is hard to use on that basis as well. I used the full two bottles (despite the smell) and it still doesn't work...BEWARE! There service department will never answer and after being on hold the phone will simply cut off....SNAKE OIL SALESMEN THEY... Read more

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Tag Away is supposed to remove skin tags as the commercial says. They say NOTHING about the ungodly smell that makes you throw up whenever you use it. I did as they said but had so many complaints from everyone including strangers as to how I smelled and it didn't even work. Now I am out $29.00 for nothing. This product is truly a rip off of money from unsuspecting people who work hard for their money and should get legitimate products for... Read more

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I purchased two bottles of Tag Away, followed the directions as directed on the bottle. Not one tag fell off, now I am out 29.95 and still have tags. The commercial on TV is very deceptive, the reviews on their site are most likely written by the company itself. This product is nothing more than some kind of nasty smelling oil. In todays bad economy money is too tight to be ripped off, lied too. I feel as though this company should be forced to... Read more

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I purchased two bottles of Tag Away and received and extra bottle. I followed instructions and after the completion of the three bottles.......there was no results. Their advertising is false and the product does not work. They should be put out of business for False Advertising. Their return policy is a full refund within 30 days, which in its self is misleading, it takes over 30 days to see if the product works as advertised. As mentioned,... Read more

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I bought this and followed the usage directions to a T. It did not work, it was a total waste of my money, do not waste yours. I am very disappointed in this product,especially after hearing how well it works. They are ALL LIES, it does not work at all. It did nothing my tags are still there. Again, DO NOT waste your money. They say there is a 30 day money back guarentee, but the *** stufftakes 3 to 8 weeks to work, or so they say, but it does... Read more

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I too ordered tag away and was charged $29.94 and $39.94 on my statement. I have asked they refund the $39.94 and give them 24 hours. I think I'll report this to the BBB of PA if they don't comply. I hope that they are not scamming consumers and this was an honest mistake. If not, this is another example of why we should never trust the internet. I have filed with the BBB before and I will do it again if need be. They can't keep getting... Read more

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I ordered Tag Away online. I never received an email confirmation (which is standard for all other online transactions I have done). Last night I received a call from 866-379-2003. The caller said that he was confirming my address. I asked him to read me the address he had. It was correct. He told me that the product was going to be shipped and he would be sending me something additional and that if I wanted to keep it I would be... Read more

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